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video game music

What makes a good video game soundtrack?

Video game music is all about immersion. Indeed, there is no more notion of «who’s your target» considering the fact that the only thing mattering when a composer produce the music is the game identity itself. Therefore the soundtrack must be treated as if the game was a work of art. in other words, music in video games must entirely serve the situation, the environnement make it both understandable and unique. It’s also a must have to make the game more memorable.

How to make sure you’ll have the best video game music

When it comes to producing a tailor made soundtrack for a game, everything is about the communication between the game developer and the composer. In fact, if you want the most relevant sound design, the composer must have the clearest idea of what your game is, how is it played, how does it look, etc. Afterward, it’s more a question of scoring. Several aspect of the music can make your video game soundtrack unique and appropriate. The instrument used, the rhythm, the melody and so on but this is our job ;)

80% of an audiovisual work impact is related to its music. Whether it's an ad music or a video game music

How to build my video game soundtrack ?

First step of the service is explain what is you project to us. What why do you need any music to be composed

introduce your video game

Firstly, during a very first meeting we’ll invite you to talk about your video game, its identity, its universe, what make it different from others, in which situation the music appears, etc.. To sum it up, this information will serve us to imagine the most appropriate soundtrack

see our suggestion & validate the order

Secondly, once we came up with the best soundtrack idea for your video game, we send you a document resuming our first meeting and how we plan to answer your demand. In addition, this report comes with a quote. After that you can choose to validate the order or to cancel it.

second step for us to come back to you with the best idea of music to compose for you and a quote. At this point you can validate the order or cancel it
when the music is finaly comosed and produced we let you listen to it. At this point you can take it as it is or you can ask for modifications

have your music produced and do your feedback

Finally, once we produced your game music we’ll send it to you so you can take it as it is, or if needed you can make feedback for us to modify the music

Do you want to know more ? Do you want to have your own tailor made soundtrack for your game ?