Here you can know more about the sensory marketing service of our audio communication & marketing agency

sensory marketing

Why is sensory marketing important ?

The music you broadcast in a shop, a train station, a restaurent or any other public places actually changes people behaviour. It can make people stay longer or shorter in the place, it can make them buy more or less, choose a product rather than another, dimish the number of aggression , decrease the perceived waiting time and so on. If music streaming  can improve your retail performance, if it’s not controled it can also diminish them. This is why it must be studied cautiously.

What makes a good sensory marketing strategy ?

Streaming relevant music in a retail shop is all about science. Of course you can use your own music tastes but this doesn’t garentee the effectivness of your playlist. Therefore, broadcasting the good music takes a scientific knowledge and a carefull track picking. However this can be time consuming this is why we are currently a streaming service for professionals to use

25% of revenue growth in retail shop with the best sensory marketing strategy

We’re currently building this service

Whe are currently creating a streaming service for profesisionals which is able to enhance sales and change behaviours in public places

In the formular bellow you can tell us if you are interested in it. By notifying your interest we will receive an automatic message and we will note to warn you when the tool will be operationnal and maybe to offer some pre-order advantages ;)


Coming soon…