Here you can know more about the on hold music composing service of our audio communication & marketing agency

on hold music

Why is your on hold music important?

Oftenly, your on hold soundtrack is your brand first impression to your client. Indeed, the soundtrack you use actually means something about your company. Furthermore, it’s not only a question of brand image, according to you track specs, music can make the waiting time feel longer or shorter. It can also set your client in a particular mood. Therefore, your corporate on hold music is both a communication tool for your corporate identity and an influence tool to set people in a proper mood before you pick up the phone.

How to develop a good on hold music ?

Producing an on hold soundtrack for your brand must take three factors in account: Firstly, what is your brand identity. Secondly, why is the caller calling, and finally, who is the caller. Based on those three factors you have already some elements to create a proper on hold track. Then, once you have this information it’s relevant to base the production of the music on scientific studies in order to predict how it will be received by the audience. Afterward, nothing left but composing your on hold music !

61% of coustomer service request are made on phone.

How to build my on hold music ?

First step of the service is explain what is you project to us. What why do you need any music to be composed

introduce your business to us

Firstly, during a very first meeting we’ll invite you to talk about your brand, your communication & marketing strategy, your value, what gives your whole job a deep meaning. To sum it up, this information will serve us to imagine the most appropriate on hold music

see our suggestion & validate the order

Secondly, once we came up with the best on hold soundtrack idea for your brand identity, we send you a document resuming our first meeting and how we plan to answer your demand. In addition, this report comes with a quote. After that you can choose to validate the order or to cancel it.

second step for us to come back to you with the best idea of music to compose for you and a quote. At this point you can validate the order or cancel it
when the music is finaly comosed and produced we let you listen to it. At this point you can take it as it is or you can ask for modifications

have your on hold track produced and do your feedback

Finally, once we produced your on hold music we’ll send it to you so you can take it as it is, or if needed you can make feedback for us to modify the music. Afterwards and once modified according to your demand, you’re ready to express your identity the hell out of your brand !

Some ad Music we made

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