We are an audio communication & marketing agency in Luxembourg

Pimp My Sound is an audio communication & marketing agency in Luxembourg. Indeed, we are specialized in tailor made sound production and composition of sonic branding and audio logo. However we’re not only doing sound signatures. We actually build the entire sound design strategy which makes  brands identity. For exemple on hold music, voice over, sound effect, sound illustration for ads and more. Furthermore, our agency works for all brand, advertising, video game, app, tech device and film issues. It composes and like to compose music for several areas. For instance finance, governmental, food, communication and so on ! 



Sound changes the way we experience, live, feel, perceive, understand things. Above all, it has a major impact on our everyday behavior. Therefore, we deliver a case-by-case collaboration service. Most importantly we give brands a unique and differentiating sound identity. As a matter to do that, we study brands marketing and communication strategies. Consequently, the agency produces an identity and a well scheduled audio logo for it to become an influence tool.


Moreover, for producers and developers, we deliver a sound design and film scoring service to give your work (whether it’s a video or video game) and studied and relevant identity, message and impact.

Brands we worked with

our guideline

As an audio  communication & marketing agency we trust in our work being more than just making music.

Firstly, each brand has a unique identity. A unique communication, advertising and service strategy.  Therefore, audio branding isn’t just a matter of making things sound beautiful. Sound must reflect the very purpose of a brand. Its spirit and values. That is to say, the way a brand behaves and sounds actually means something. Consequently, the agency emphasize on how music for brands must be composed as a reflection of their purpose and reasons to exist. So afterwards people can relate to that brand philosophy and think “if it was a living being I could be friend with it”.

Secondly audio branding has a responsibility of meaningfulness toward the audience too. Indeed we live in a world overflowing with brands. Everybody as a product to sell or to communicate about. In short, the brand landscape is over saturated with logos, jingles, baselines and so on. On another hand, people are not robots you can put in front of ads all day long. They want to be entertained, not bothered. This is why communication strategies have the duty to make brands public happenings meaningful. Not superficial. In fact, advertising, marketing and commercials shouldn’t be a break into a game. It should be part of the game itself.