Here you can know more about the sound design production service of our audio communication & marketing agency

Sound design

Why is sound design important ?

When people turn on the sound of their device, they expect sound, but not any type of sound. Sound effects must have the same use as a signage. It makes your tool user friendly. It also makes your user aware when things go well or not and it’s a way to give an identity to your tool. Having a tailor made sound design isn’t only a matter of making things beautiful. It also must be a communication tool to make your device more pleasant to use.

What makes a good sound design ?

A relevant SFX comes from answering some question before producing anything. What is your sound supposed to illustrate ? In which situation it’s supposed to be eared ? Who is supposed to ear this sound ? And what is the overall tone and identity of the device producing the sound ? Once you answered those questions it’s already a good piece of clue to know what would be the most relevant sound to design

86% of correlation between sound and th user experience

How to build my sound design ?

First step of the service is explain what is you project to us. What why do you need any music to be composed

introduce your device

During a very first meeting we’ll invite you to talk about your device, what it does, for whom, in which occasion sound design will be needed, etc.. Those informations will serve us to imagine the most appropriate sounds

see our suggestion & validate the order

Once we came up with the best sound effects idea for your device, we send you a document resuming our first meeting and how we plan to answer your demand. This report comes with a quote. At this point you can choose to validate the order or to cancel it.

second step for us to come back to you with the best idea of music to compose for you and a quote. At this point you can validate the order or cancel it
when the music is finaly comosed and produced we let you listen to it. At this point you can take it as it is or you can ask for modifications

have your music produced and do your feedback

Once we produced your sound we’ll send it to you so you can take it as it is, or if needed you can make feedbacks for us to modify the music

Do you want to know more ? Do you want to have your own tailor made sound deseign ?