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Pimp My Sound is a agency specialised in sound marketing. Our services are divided in two categories: An audio production service for several supports (see bellow) and a strategic advising service in experiential Marketing.

By studying your project and objectives, the company work to schedule each music and sound effect in order to bring a usefulness that goes beyond the simple aesthetic.

Reguarding our audit service, the agency work on your company’s ecosystem (customer segment, values, market, product etc…) to give you back a personalized file which expose a sound markting strategy that fit to your company.

Hold Music

Your hold music
can do more
than filling silence

An optimized hold music makes people wait more or less time

An optimized hold music conditions the relationship that people will have towards your company

An optimized hold music integrates your audio branding in people’s mind

Audio Branding

Be differentiated,
understood and remembered
in a few notes

Share your company’s values and express your difference

Print a memory in people’s mind that will come up by itself

Develop an affection from your target towards your brand

Work on your image with accuracy thanks to emotions

I.T. sound design

Control your sound design,
control your customer’s experience

Sound Design :

Insure a navigation “signage”

Makes your tool immersive

Provide to customers a fluid, serene and pleasant use

Changes the way your customer perceives your tool

Experiential Marketing

Influence your customer’s
behavior with the music
you broadcast

Pimp My Sound Work on your company’s marketing ecosystem to provide to you a file exposing an appropriate experiential marketing strategy.

The time spent in your store

Consumption trends

The good proceeding of your customer’s experience

Video games sound design

music, sound effect & dubbing

and coherence,
all in one

Have a singular universe for your game

Accentuate the game’s immersivity

Make your game coherent with itself

Video sound design

music, sound effect & dubbing

One more sound,
one less speech

Sound Makes the video more immersive and more comprehensible

Sound increase the onlooker’s attention

Sound distinguish your content

Sound makes the video more interactive

Our productions

You don't need a music

You need

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